Medical GAS

Medical GAS

Medical Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air, Medical Carbon Dioxide, Medical Oxygen

Medical Air : Medical air is used to keep the patient comfortable and breathing while in operating room. It shall be free of contamination and particles, has no oil or odors, and is dry to prevent water buildup in your facility's pipeline.

Medical Oxygen : Medical Oxygen is used for resuscitation and inhalation therapy such as COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, trauma, cardiovascular and respiratory arrest, resuscitation, and life support.

Medical Carbon Dioxide : Carbon Dioxide is used for insufflating medical gas for less invasive surgeries like laparoscopy, arthroscopy, endoscopy, and cryotherapy, as well as for respiratory stimulation during and after anesthesia.

Medical Nitrous Oxide : Nitrous Oxide is a medical gas commonly known as "laughing gas" and dentists use it as an analgesic and it is used for numerous surgical procedures as both an anesthetic and analgesic.

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